Eva Longoria’s scrambled eggs recipe

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“When in Spain, eat like the Spanish do!”. This is the clear message that Eva Longoria he wanted to launch his followers. And it is that the actress, born in Texas, has Spanish ancestors and she is a true fan of the gastronomy of our country. From her kitchen, Eva wanted to share with her fans one of her favorite recipes, an original dish of Spanish food: the broken eggs.

The actress has taught the entire process, including how she enjoyed the final result. To begin with, she has heated oil in a pan, to which she has then added the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes. When they have started to cook, Eva has added your personal touchincluding some onion chunks, to give an extra touch of flavor to your fries. Once done, the actress has removed the potatoes from the oil and has left them on a paper napkinan ideal trick to remove excess oil from fried foods.

Immediately afterwards, Eva proceeded to make the fried eggs for her recipe. For this, she has used the same oil with which she previously cooked the potatoes with onions. Afterwards, she has placed everything on a plate, and she has proceeded to make the classic cuts of both ingredients, so that the potatoes soak well with the yolk from the egg. This easy and tasty recipe is a classic for the Spanish, although it is a practically unknown dish for the Americans.

The Spanish fans of Eva Longoria have been delighted with the recipe, although some have not been missing tips to improve the dish. put a little bit of Serrano hamAdd Salt to the eggs in the pan or break eggs with a spoon so as not to break the potatoes are some of the tricks that can be read in their comments.

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In love with the product ‘made in Spain’

During her video, Eva took the opportunity to praise one of the key products in Spanish gastronomy, the olive oil. To cook the broken eggs, Longoria has used an EVOO of Spanish origin, as she assures that, for her, he is the best in the whole world. “I’ve always thought that Spain had the best fried eggs, but it’s because of the oil”says the actress, who is recognized as a true lover of Spanish cuisine.

It is not Eva Longoria’s first contact with Iberian food. The actress has Spanish ancestors, originally from Asturiasand has visited Oviedo on several occasions with his family, one of them to receive the medal of the Royal Corps of Nobility of Asturias. During her visit, the actress from Desperate women He was able to try other of the best Spanish products, such as Asturian beef or fabes with clams.

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