Cookie recipe: 3 options for you to enjoy and prepare at home

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Do biscuits at home is one of the activities that unites families and that the little ones enjoy to the fullest. The variety of cookie recipes It is so wide that the difficult thing is to choose just one to prepare.

These can be accompaniments to other preparations or be the star of the dish. To carry out these cookie recipes you just have to have the time and willingness to make them delicious.

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Likewise, there is no doubt that the biscuits They are one of the most typical desserts. And best of all, they are liked by everyone from small to large. Therefore, on this occasion, we show you different types of this rich dessert.

cookie recipes

Next, we offer you 3 options of recipes of cookies that you can prepare at home and share with your family and friends.

Option #1: butter cookies

The origin of the butter cookies dates back to the twelfth century, where the first recipe written. It is of British origin, and they are very popular to accompany tea. Originally the cookies barely contained sugar and were more compact than those we know today.

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If you are a passionate person in the kitchen, and you want to specialize in making cookies homemade feel free to start making this recipe today. Buy the ingredients and follow the step by step.

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Read the entire recipe here.

Prepare these delicious butter cookies

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Option #2: chocolate cookies

The chocolate cookies They are easy to prepare for the ones you love most. In addition, your kitchen will be left with the special essence of homemade cookies that we all love.

In an interview with Cromos Magazine, chef Paola Quintanilla Ramírez graduated from the Mariano Moreno School in Bogotá, shares the recipe to prepare some delicious chocolate cookies.

Read the entire recipe here.

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Option #3: oatmeal cookies

If you are a lover of this type of snackswhich can also be dessertshere you will find the recipe to make at home some Oatmeal Cookies with apple that will leave you amazed with its flavor.

In an interview with Cromos Magazine, confectioner Stephany Hernández de miawmuffinstells us the ingredients and how to prepare them to achieve crunchy cookies full of flavor.

Read the entire recipe here.

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