Chicken broth and no peek drop dumplings recipe

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Our friend, Ray, who blesses us each year with two truckloads of “black gold” (horse manure), has been under the weather with the flu. He was supposed to come over for dinner and we’ve had to cancel twice.

Ray likes simple food so I was going to make chicken stew and dumplings and a green salad.

He’s homebound, though, and his appetite, like most folks with flu, isn’t good. I decided to swap out stew for a flavorful, simple chicken broth with drop dumplings. Chicken broth is nourishing and hydrating. The bonus is it may help clear nasal congestion, too. The dumplings? Because they cook by steam in broth, they’re soft enough to eat and easy to digest.

I took the dumplings along with some homemade tapioca pudding (a family staple when someone is sick) to Ray’s house this evening. Hopefully, that will get him through the next few days.

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