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What are the grounds for being removed from Pôle emploi?

The reasons for striking off are as follows: Inability to justify your job search. No monthly renewal of your job application. False declarations to be or remain registered on the list of job seekers (such declarations are also punishable by a fine of €30,000)

How to avoid deregistration from the Pôle Emploi?

How to avoid being deregistered by Pôle emploi? To avoid deregistration from Pôle Emploi, the obligations indicated must be respected. If you deviate from one of them, Pôle Emploi notifies you of its decision to initiate a procedure for deregistration, in accordance with article L5412-1 of the Labor Code.

What are the cases of exemption from job search?

Uncompensated jobseekers may be exempted from looking for work, on request, from the age of 56.5 in 2009, 58 in 2010, 60 in 2011. Jobseekers receiving the equivalent allowance pension (AER) also benefit, on request, from a job search exemption.

How to escape Pôle Emploi control?

Several appeals are possible. You can file a complaint with Pôle Emploi to request a free appeal from the control department, within two months of the cancellation.

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Can I go on vacation while I’m unemployed?

Unemployed people have every right to go on vacation. If this is your case, you benefit from 5 weeks, i.e. 35 days from January 1 to December 31, during which you preserve your compensation.

How to stay unemployed without deregistering too quickly?

To avoid setbacks, you must keep a record of your applications, the responses received, the steps to create or take over a business. Only unemployed people over the age of 60 and recipients of the equivalent retirement allowance (AER) can apply for a job search exemption.

Who is exempt from the job search obligation?

From the age of 60, you are subject to an adapted availability obligation. This means that you automatically benefit from the following exemptions: You no longer have to actively seek employment. You are no longer subject to the job search behavior activation procedure.

What are my rights after 60?

With regard to people over 60, they can continue to benefit from Return to Employment Allowances (ARE) as long as they do not have their full pension rights (see all conditions) . The duration of compensation for seniors is also adapted according to age.

How old is Pôle Emploi senior?

In details. In any case, the maximum age for being compensated under the ARE (age from which a full-rate pension is awarded regardless of the number of quarters) is 67 for people born on or after January 1, 1955.

How does Pôle Emploi check?

Verifications over the last 3 months

“Job search” checks should apply to “the last three months” instead of “the last twelve months”. This will simplify the procedures for justifying the job seeker and will reduce the duration of the check.

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