can you freeze baby back ribs before cooking

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How to freeze baby meals?

Freeze in small portions

Let the puree cool, then fill ice cube trays, or small jars designed specifically for storing baby food. Cover them and place them in the freezer. The advantage of ice cube trays is that you can freeze small portions.

What foods can’t be frozen?

In general, freezing should be prohibited for mayonnaise, dessert sauces and creams, fresh or soft cheeses as well as fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and melon.

How to store baby meals?

– The small jars of fruit compote and vegetable purées will keep for a maximum of 2 days in the refrigerator and up to 6 months in the freezer. – Baby’s cooked meals can be kept for 1 day in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer.

How to store homemade baby meals?

For small homemade pots, you can keep them in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days after cooking them, and in the freezer for up to 1 year (except for dishes with milk, meat or fish, which must be consumed within 6 months).

How to freeze glass?

– To avoid bursting the jar, do not fill the bottle or jar completely before putting it in the freezer. It takes an average of 10% vacuum to allow the expansion of liquids during freezing (the density of water increases by about 10% during freezing).

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What is the best container for freezing?

Glass boxes: strong and durable

Stronger than plastic, it is durable and easy to clean. The glass storage boxes can go in the dishwasher, be placed in the freezer, but also in the microwave and in the oven.

How to freeze mash?

To freeze mashed potatoes, simply not just blanch them but cook them until soft, then mash them with a potato masher, avoiding adding cream or milk ( this would minimize their shelf life).

How to freeze homemade mash?

The right way to freeze mash

Wait until your mash dish is cold before putting it in the freezer. For optimal conservation, you can put your puree either in a plastic box or in a glass jar. Opt for a container that can close tightly.

How much puree for a 4-month-old baby?

Your child eats 4 meals a day.

You can then give a vegetable puree (one at a time) for lunch. For a total of 100 to 150 g at the end of the month. The volume of the bottle will be gradually reduced to 120 or 150 ml in parallel with the increase in vegetables.

Why not freeze the bread?

Indeed, bread has the ability to absorb odors while certain bacteria contained in the freezer can lodge in its crumb and its crust! Indeed, freezing has the ability to slow down the activity and development of micro-organisms (or microbes), but it does not kill them.

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