can i cook microwave popcorn on the stove

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How to cook in the microwave?

Pierce and/or peel food that has a skin on before cooking. Turn the food halfway through cooking. Foods cooked in microwave ovens generally cook unevenly (hot around the edges and cold inside). Turning them halfway through cooking limits these inconveniences.

How to cook corn in the microwave?

Microwave cooking is the easiest and fastest! Start by removing the leaves from the corn, leaving only a few leaves so that it does not dry out. Put the cob in the microwave and cook on maximum power, about 4 minutes. The corn will be very hot, watch out for burns.

Does Pop Horn make you fat?

Although popcorn is a simple kernel of corn, it contains a lot of nutritional information that you need to know. If you hesitate to continue enjoying this appetizer because you are afraid of gaining weight, we have good news for you: natural popcorn does not make you fat.

How to cook popcorn in a pan?

How to make popcorn. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan. When it is hot add the popcorn kernels (count about 120g for 4/6 people). Cover and cook until the kernels burst, shaking the pan regularly.

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How to make popcorn on the stove?

Put 3 or 4 kernels of corn in the oil and cover the pan. When the grains jump, add the rest of the corn grains to form a homogeneous layer. Cover, extinguish flame or griddle and wait 30 seconds X Search Source .

How to make popcorn without corn?

The technique is the same as for classic popcorn. The important thing is to heat a frying pan to a very high temperature with a little fat. Add your seeds once the pan is hot, cover and sauté them.

How to make machine sugar popcorn?

For cooking, you have to put the grains in the pan of the machine and wait until they have burst. After that, you have to stop the machine and then sprinkle the puffed grains with sugar. With the temperature, the sugar will take time to melt to completely coat the popcorn.

How to make a popcorn box?

The steps of the realization:

Download, print and transfer the popcorn box template. 2. Cut when the line is full, fold when it is dotted then glue using the tabs provided for this purpose. Make 4 popcorn boxes using the different papers in the collection.

How to use a microwave as an oven?

Place your dish next to a glass container filled with water, in microwave mode, on the high power position for 1 minute. – If the water heats up, but the utensil is cool to the touch, the utensil can be used in your microwave oven.

How to use your microwave as an oven?

Simply place the microwave on a flat, dry surface (worktop, table, for example). However, you should avoid placing it next to the sink and the stove or hob. The microwave must have space around it for ventilation.

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