A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean by James Cook

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James Cook’s first voyage was a circumnavigation of the globe on the HMB Endeavour. Captain James Cook’s missions were to observe the passage of Venus from the Pacific Ocean, then to look for traces of the hypothetical southern continent Terra Australis.

How did Captain James Cook die?

The English captain arrives in a climate of euphoria. A month later, James Cook was stabbed and cut to pieces by the very people who had received him so enthusiastically. The event can be interpreted as a dramatic episode in European expansion.

Who killed James Cook?

On February 14, 1779, the famous British explorer James Cook was killed in a battle between members of his crew and natives of what is now the Big Island of Hawaii.

Which territory was explored by James Cook?

James Cook was a British navigator, cartographer and explorer. Having become a captain in the Royal Navy, he is known as the first European to land on the east coast of Australia. James Cook is the first navigator to chart New Zealand and Newfoundland.

What is the purpose of Cook’s first trip?

First voyage (1768-1771)

Sponsored by the Royal Society of London, James Cook’s first trip was to observe in Tahiti the passage of the planet Venus over the disc of the Sun, a very rare phenomenon scheduled for June 3, 1769.

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Which French navigators succeeded James Cook?

Jules Sebastien Cesar Dumont d’Urville (1790-1842)

Why was Captain Cook killed in Hawaii in 1779?

Cook died in Hawaii in 1779 during a dispute with the natives, while commanding his third expedition in search of the Northwest Passage.

Who discovered Antarctica?

On January 27, 1820, a Russian expedition led by Bellingshausen succeeded in crossing the Antarctic Circle, for the second time in history. The following day, he became the first explorer to sight the unknown continent, an honor he was denied due to an erroneous translation of his diary.

How did James Cook discover Australia?

James Cook discovers the future Australia! Along the southeast coast, the Endeavor dropped anchor on April 29, 1770 in a vast bay first called Stingray Bay and then renamed Botany Bay. This place will be, a few years later, the initial choice for the establishment of a first British colony.

Why is James Cook famous?

During his third voyage – the objective of which was to discover the Northwest Passage, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to the north of the American continent – James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. Indeed in 1778, he was the first European to land on these islands, which he named the Sandwich Islands.

Who died in the Sandwich Islands?

On February 14, 1779, while trying to return with his men on his ship Resolution, which was waiting for him off the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), Captain James Cook was killed and then devoured by the natives, shocked that their guest did not did not respect their taboos.

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