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How to bring out the color of your eyes?

The principle of complementary colors is simple: each color has its perfect opposite; for example, red is the opposite of green, yellow the opposite of purple… An eyeshadow that contrasts with the color of your eyes will therefore tend to bring out the hue.

How to lighten your eyes naturally and quickly?

Just “dilute pure honey in mineral water” and then inject a drop of the mixture into each eye. A method to renew “at least” morning and evening. Many before-after pictures reveal the results of people who have tested to prove the effectiveness of the technique.

Which parent gives eye color?


The child that is born carries two genes that determine eye color, one from the father and the other from the mother. There are dominant genes and recessive ones. The brown eye gene is dominant, and therefore outweighs the blue eye gene.

How to change the color of your eyes naturally?

Although eye color change is a natural phenomenon and some cosmetic accessories allow for temporary changes, there is no sure way to change eye color permanently.

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How to bring out the green in brown eyes?

– For brown eyes with green undertones, we can go for burgundy eye shadows. – For brown eyes with hazelnut undertones, golden, khaki and bronze shadows will be perfect. Note: black or dark blue smoky eyes bring out brown eyes particularly well!

How to bring out brown eyes?

To make your brown eyes stand out, paint them blue.

All colors go with brown because it is the mixture of the three primary colors: magenta, yellow and cyan. However, if one refers to the color wheel to really bring out a brown iris, the opposite color is blue.

How to have clearer eyes?

But it exists! There are actually three methods to change the color of your eyes, laser depigmentation which acts directly on the iris by removing pigment for those who want to have clearer eyes and placing a colored implant on the iris directly.

How to lighten eye color?

Apply a navy or indigo eyeliner to your upper and/or lower eyelid to brighten your eyes. Just like black eyeliner, the dark color contrasts with your eyes, but blue brings out the whites of the eyes and makes them appear lighter X Research Source X Research Source .

How to get all black eyes?

Our genes do not allow our eyes to be black.

However, melanin produces colors in our eyes that vary from blue to gray, piling up with green, brown and very dark brown which is the darkest color possible. Black does not exist.

Can two parents with blue eyes make brown eyes?

A common myth is that blue-eyed parents cannot have brown-eyed children, due to dominant and recessive genes, but genetic variations can sometimes produce amazing results. Only 1% of parents with blue eyes have a child with brown eyes, but it is still possible.

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