10 healthy recipes in video to overcome the detox operation with joy

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10 healthy and tasty recipes on videoFERNANDO ROI HEARST

It is easier to fulfill good intentions when we really enjoy them. As good as eating balanced sounds, if the weekly menus they are unappetizing and boring, we will hardly achieve our goal. That’s why it’s always good to have a list of healthy recipes with which to rescue good habits. ‘Healthy’ food can also be tasty and appealing. By now we should all know.

In the recipe book Paola Freire from Foodtropia, laura ponts and Marta Sanahuja (aka Delicious Martha), we found a good handful of healthy recipes. We collect our 10 favorite video recipes to enjoy the ‘detox’ operation as well as Christmas festivities.

Healthy and tasty recipes for the detox operation

hummus trio

The perfect healthy appetizer is this trio of hummus with which Laura Ponts always triumphs. It is based on vegetables and legumes and the amount of vegetables that you can use as ‘crudités’ to dip in them is infinite. The perfect ‘snack’ to starve when we want to sin.

Microwave oatmeal with fruit

We achieved the perfect breakfast with this express recipe fantasy that Delicious Martha taught us. The ‘instagramer’ is an expert in making very quick recipes, with zero sugar and a lot of grace.

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Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Burrata

Salads are essential in a light menu, but you have to avoid falling into the same ingredients as always. Foodtropia has a spectacular recipe for sprouts with roasted pumpkin and burrata.

Chicken en papillote with vegetables

The papillote technique is a yes in any diet. Although the most classic is to bet on white or blue fish, it is also great to bet on birds. This free-range chicken breast from Foodtropia is very tasty and thanks to the orange dressing it prepares it is very juicy.

‘Fit’ pizza with zucchini and carrot base

Yes, nowadays pizza is also for ‘fit’ regimes. Laura Ponts has a healthy recipe and the step by step in this video will show you a new concept of homemade ‘fast food’.

Stewed hake with artichokes and peas

A fish stew cannot be missing from a healthy recipe book. This Foodtropia dish based on hake, artichokes and peas is a wonderful ‘mix’ of tradition and healthy ingredients to surrender to ‘healthy-cañí’.

Eggplant and onion omelette

With only 3 strong ingredients and oil and salt, Delicious Martha prepares a great recipe for the keto diet. Replacing the potato with aubergine, this ‘Spanish’ omelette with onion is fabulous for recovering your figure.

Salmon, mango and avocado tartare

A tartar is essential to live happily while we are taking care of the line. It is true that salmon is not the least greasy fish, but served raw and surrounded by fruits and vegetables like the ones that Laura Ponts offers, it turns out to be a ‘healthy’ flavor festival.

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Grilled aubergine with burrata and dried tomatoes

Eggplant is a very popular vegetable to create strong and healthy recipes. Escalivada style is the preferred way of cooking it for Laura Ponts and the burrata and dried tomatoes are the ideal toppings for a balanced meal.

Octopus tacos in lettuce hearts

Tacos can also be a healthy recipe. The proof is in this Foodtropia video in which he shows us how to prepare octopus a feira with a very fun and healthy ‘twist’.

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